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# Publishing is Coding: Change My Mind ## Donations 🌮 Donate for some tacos with [ETH]( :dog: Donate for some dog food with [DOGE]( :beer: Donate for some beers with [PayPal]( ## Related links (Spanish) Taller de Edición Digital (Digital Publishing Workshop): []( _Edición digital como metodología para una edición global_ (_Digital Publishing as Methodology for Global Publishing_): []( Pecas, herramientas editoriales (Pecas, publishing tools): []( Blog: []( ## License ### Text The texts and the images are under [Licencia Editorial Abierta y Libre (LEAL)]( “Licencia Editorial Abierta y Libre” is translated to “Open and Free Publishing License.” “LEAL” is the acronym but also means “loyal” in Spanish. ### Code The code is under [GPLv3](